Can I really enjoy listening to music on my TV?

Well, you may be surprised to hear that listening to music on a TV is something that many people prefer to do, because it is the centre of their home entertainment system and the in-built speakers are good quality.

It may be that you are a student in a small dorm room, or like seeing full-screen album art when having friends for dinner, or just desperately need some Marvin Gaye on your bedroom TV for 5 minutes.
The fact is that there are a variety of different reasons that music on a TV may fit your lifestyle and room size perfectly.

If you do buy a Smart TV you will be pleased to learn that you can try Spotify music streaming for free by registering on screen with the TV remote control.
Take a look at our list of supported devices here:

It’s even easier if you are already a Spotify user and have one of our supported Smart TV’s setup at home. Just start to play some music on your phone then click the Connect button on the Spotify smartphone app.


Spotify Connect button   spotify-connect-icon


Your Spotify account is then instantly mirrored on your TV and you can choose to either control the music from your phone or TV remote (which is just as simple to navigate with).
What if I do not have a Smart TV you may ask? Well there are products such as Amazon FireTV or Google Cast that turn your dumb TV into something much smarter.

They are simple to setup and give your TV a new lease of life including 4 Million new tracks on Spotify through your TV screen, along with their beautiful album art.


Take a look at our supported devices here:

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