How can I listen to Spotify in my car rather than the radio?

Mixing music and the freedom of the open road is a singular pleasure that everyone enjoys, no matter if you are driving or a passenger.


Smartphones bring a whole new dimension of entertainment options into the car, but the need to control them safely is still a key part of all in-car design.
There are two ways you can listen to Spotify through the dashboard and touchscreen, either built directly into the new car you buy, or through a media receiver that you get installed later.
If you buy a car with Spotify built-in you can often control the music either through buttons on the steering wheel or car radio, or in some cases using your voice as well.


Android Auto and Apple CarPlay technologies allow your phone to take over the car display and safely control the music.
Older car stereos often have a plug in through the aux-input or mini-jack socket option, but with most newer devices you can connect through Bluetooth and many people like this as it’s cable-free.


However both of these options need to be used carefully in consideration with your local driving laws, so you can keep focus on the road.


One final tip is that although you can use Spotify Free in your car, Premium allows you to set playlists for offline listening and this ensures your music can go even where the Internet can’t.


The link below gives you more details on which brands we currently partner with and some important safety advice.