How do I get the best sound out of my new wireless speakers?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a little Bluetooth speaker or top-end multi-room system, it is still useful that you know some basics about where you put them in your room.

The sound waves from your speaker can get blocked by furniture, bounce against walls and disappear into the back of your sofa.

Be prepared to experiment and make sure you read the manual because some speakers are specifically designed to be placed in room corners or against a wall.

Pick a test track (maybe acoustic, like “Take Me Into Your Skin” by Trentemoller) so you can hear details in the sound.

Hearing it over and over will help you identify subtle differences between different configurations.


If your speakers include equalizer (EQ) settings, start your speaker set-up with a flat EQ, so you can get a feel for how the artist and speaker manufacturers wanted the track to sound.

Once you have an accurate representation of the original sound you can easily tweak them to to your preference from there.


If you are setting up a pair of speakers in a stereo configuration start by keeping them half a meter away from the back wall.  This will sharpen the sound and make sure the bass reflection off the wall doesn’t interfere.

Then if your speakers sound a bit weak in the bass you can move them a little closer to the rear wall.

If possible do not put your speakers in corners, but this is not always practical and some speakers are particularly designed for this location.


Try to create a triangle between your listening spot and the speakers and if possible at the same height as your ear when sitting. Also make sure they are on a stable base or stand.


Now, put on your test track and try moving the speakers farther apart and closer together to hear how that affects the sound. Move them forward and back, too.


You should be able to hear instruments in different locations in the room and the singers voice should come from a spot in the middle of the the speakers. The aim is to feel as though the music fills the space between and around the speakers.


The room and what is placed in it are also important parts of your audio set-up and even the best speakers will struggle to sound good in some living spaces.

One element is reflections of walls, but you may not want to put up anti-echo material where you currently have a picture.

Be prepared to re-arrange the furniture a bit so they do not absorb sounds that are meant for your ears.